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We want to help you succeed in your immigration process

At Together Direct, we are committed to building bridges, not walls. That is why we have built a secure and reliable way to complete your forms and receive excellent legal help.

Together Direct simplifies immigration filing process.

We help you submit your forms (Form I-130, Form N-400 and Form I-90) through our digital platform. You just have to answer a few simple questions and our team of expert attorneys will review your answers and documents to guarantee that USCIS accepts your application. We use technology to make your immigration process seamless.

Why working with Together Direct is the best way to complete your process

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About us


At Together Direct we believe in the American dream and that immigrants strengthen the fabric of the American way of life. We believe that families belong together and that citizenship should be accessible for everyone that qualifies for it. We believe that no one should navigate a difficult immigration process alone. We believe that we stand stronger together. That is why we are committed to building bridges, not walls.  

If Together Direct is not the best option for you, we can connect you with attorneys who can help you. Visit our blog for more helpful information.

Get the answers you need.

Together Direct can help you save time & money, and avoid stress. We’ll make things easier for you by creating a roadmap and automating a dull task.