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Together Direct

About Us

At Together Direct we believe in the American dream. We believe that immigrants strengthen the fabric of the American way of life. We believe that families belong together. We believe that citizenship should be accessible for everyone that qualifies for it. We believe that no one should navigate a difficult immigration process alone. We believe that we stand stronger together. That is why we are committed to building bridges, not walls.

How does it work?

Together Direct is dedicated to simplifying complex and confusing immigration processes. The platform is designed to make the immigration filing process simple and intuitive. Our attorneys give our clients the peace of mind of knowing that an excellent immigration attorney reviewed and filed their important immigration documents. We know immigration processes are complex and demanding so we use technology and innovation to make it simple, coherent, and transparent to save you time and resources.

Get the answers you need.

Together Direct can help you save time & money, and avoid stress. We’ll make things easier for you by creating a roadmap and automating a dull task.

Together Direct was created by Jorge Molina with efficiency in mind after countless encounters with individuals wanting limited legal help but needing excellent legal advice. Together Direct makes that possible offering a new service to address old issues. It is perfect for individuals in expensive legal markets, remote areas with no access to legal services, US expats, busy professionals, busy families, and anyone that values efficiency and saving money. You can start your case from anywhere in the world at any time.

Some of our badges

Jorge Antonio Molina
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