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Complete your U.S. Citizenship application through a fast, easy, and reliable platform

Together Direct optimizes the filing process and helps you save time and money. We simplify the questions and make the overall process more efficient by avoiding unnecessary repetitive inputs. Your information will always be safe with us, as we store your data with the latest security standards and the highest respect for your privacy.


We can help you file form N-400  (application for naturalization) for just $299 + USCIS filing fees.

How we work together to complete your naturalization application

You register in our platform for free!

We run an initial screening to check your eligibility.

You answer some simple and non repetitive questions.

We give you a custom list of supporting documents and you upload them.

We solve any doubt you may have through a videoconference with an immigration lawyer.

We check, print and send your documents to USCIS.

For a limited time only we want to help you complete your process for free

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Benefits of working with us to file Form N-400

With Together Direct
By yourself
All applications are reviewed by a licensed immigration attorney.
You can use our online service remotely, at anytime, anywhere.
You follow an easy do-it-yourself process.
You get an eligibility check before starting your application.
We provide helpful tools to prepare and file your application correctly.

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What is form N-400

Form N-400, “Application for Naturalization,” is the application that green card holders use to apply for U.S. citizenship after meeting some requirements.

If your biological or legal adoptive father or mother was naturalized before you reached your 18th birthday or is already a U.S. citizen by birth, you may already be a U.S. citizen.

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We are designed to be intuitive and simplify complex and confusing immigration processes.

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We want to help you become an American citizen

At Together Direct, we believe that citizenship should be accessible to everyone that qualifies for it. We believe that no one should navigate a difficult immigration process alone. We believe that we stand stronger together. That is why we are committed to building bridges, not walls


We’ll be happy to solve any question you may have and help you achieve your goals.